Alesis Command Mesh Kit-8-Piece Electronic Drum Kit Review

Searching for an electronic drum kit? It won’t take long before you will be confused with the tons of brands and models available. Among others, one that holds a lot of promise is the Alesis Command Mesh Kit-8-Piece Electronic Drum Kit. The latter is a set that is inclusive of an 8-inch mesh kit drum tower, 10-inch dual-zone mesh snare drum, and three 8-inch dual-zone mesh tom pads. To add, there are three 10-inch cymbals.

Read the rest of this review and we’ll let you know more about the things that you can expect from this product to help in your evaluation.

Features and Specifications Alesis Command Mesh Kit-8-Piece Electronic Drum Kit

A fully-loaded kit that is available at a price that is unbelievably low – this is what the manufacturer claims. Yes, it is indeed affordable! And, this is even made better by the fact that it is packed with amazing features, including those that are mentioned below.

Tightly-Woven Mesh Heads

All of the drums that are included as a part of the kit are woven with high-quality mesh. The latter is beneficial in terms of providing a more natural playing experience while also being instrumental in improving the quality of the sound output.

Command Drum Module

As will be mentioned in the next part, the module is one of the best things about this product. It has a simple layout with buttons in strategic position. There is a small screen for ease of monitoring. If you are looking for another product with an equally impressive module, the Alesis Nitro Kit – Electronic Drum Set can also be a good choice.

USB Memory Stick Input

This is one feature that will make it impressive when talking about connectivity. With the USB port, it will be easy to load your own samples, allowing you to be more creative when using the kit.

The Good

There is more to this product that its economical price. Below are some of the benefits that can easily convince you to pick it over its counterparts.

Easy to Set-Up

As it has been shared by many of its users, one of the good things about this product is the fact that you can complete the assembly in just about an hour. Another product that is equally a snap to put together is the Yamaha DTX522K Customizable Electronic Drum Kit.

Excellent Sound Module

It is impossible to talk about the assets of this kit without mentioning the drum module. The latter delivers excellent functionality, although, the effects are not as diverse as the ones in the more expensive modules. The module has 74 drum kits and 671 sounds.

Remains Stable

You will also love how the drum kit does not feel wobbly at all, even when you are playing really hard. The 4-post chrome rack keeps everything in place, preventing the drums from shaking as you play.

With all of the good things that have been noted above, it should be obvious by now that Alesis Command Mesh Kit-8-Piece Electronic Drum Kit is exceptional. So, click the button below and experience it first-hand!

The Bad

Honestly, there are some areas where we feel that the drum kit is a bit lacking and could use some improvement in the future.

Cymbals are Underwhelming

A lot of the people who have used this kit in the past have noted that the cymbals did not perform as expected. This is actually quite a common complaint even in other models, such as the KAT KT3 Advanced High-Performance Digital Drum Set. It is also quite disappointing that the cymbals only have a single zone. The Roland TD-11K Electronic Drum Set Bundle will make a good alternative if you want a cymbal with dual zones.

Kick Pedal Can Be Unresponsive

There are also some people who noted that there can be some instances wherein the kick pedal may not respond as expected, which can be frustrating. To avoid this from happening, always make sure that the pedal is properly assembled and that there are no loose connections.


Who Is It For?

This can be an excellent choice for people who are looking for a reasonably-priced drum kit with exceptional features that are similar to those that you can find in the more expensive models. It is for those who like mesh snare pads for a more natural experience.


Alesis Command Mesh Kit-8-Piece Electronic Drum Kit

Indeed, the Alesis Command Mesh Kit-8-Piece Electronic Drum Kit is an exceptional product. Aside from the mesh-covered drums, there is an intelligent module that allows it to deliver impressive performance.

Take your drum playing skills to the next level! Click the button below and be one of the happy owners of this electronic drum kit!



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