Alesis SR16 | Classic 24-bit Stereo Electronic Drum Machine Review

Small, powerful, and simple – these are three of the things that you can expect from the Alesis SR16 | Classic 24-bit Stereo Electronic Drum Machine. Despite being compact, you will find tons of effects that will improve your music production. It is preloaded with 50 presets and has more than 200 samples that you can experiment with.

Will this be a reliable option for creating the best drum beats? Well, the answer will depend mostly on whether you are a newbie or a pro. If you are a novice, chances are, it will be more than sufficient for your needs.

Features and SpecificationsAlesis SR16 Classic 24-bit Stereo Electronic Drum Machine

This might seem like an old-fashion music production engine from the way it looks. However, if you take a look at its features, you will see that it is a cutting-edge model packed in an affordable product.

Dynamic Articulation

This is one feature that will allow you to be more expressive in your music. The latter will make it possible to alter the output of the drum tone depending on how hard you hit the 12 velocity-sensitive pads.

Over 200 Samples

You can be as creative as you want when creating your music. This can be attributed to the presence of more than 200 drum and rhythm samples that are pre-loaded into the unit. Aside from this, there are also 50 preset rhythm patterns.

MIDI Support

This can prove to be impressive in making it excellent in terms of connectivity. This opens more possibilities to be creative, providing you with the option to plugs keyboards and electronic drum kits, among others.

Indeed, with these features, it is a true workhorse. Click the button below and experience why this economical drum machine is such a big hit!

The Good

The mere fact that this is made by Alesis is enough reason to have it chosen over many others. If you need to be convinced that this is indeed an exceptional product, below are some of the benefits worth highlighting.

Intuitive Controls

One of the best things about this product is that it is user-friendly, making it great even for beginners. The buttons are strategically positioned for ease of access. It is very much similar to the interface of Alesis SR18 | High-Definition Multi-Sampled Electronic Drum Machine with Dynamic Articulation & Effects Engine, which is the improved version of the SR16.

Produces Realistic Sounds

At its price, the drum sounds and music effects are pretty much impressive, providing the WOW factor. Despite being a basic machine, it contains an exceptional library of sound that you can integrate into your music production.

Provides Foot Control

Another thing that makes this an exceptional product is the fact that it comes with two footswitch jacks. With the latter, you can control it with the use of your foot and use another instrument at the same time.

The Bad

However, because this is an entry-level product, it is expected that there are some limitations, which can make you hesitant in purchasing this music production tool.

Some Pads can be Unresponsive

At times, you might experience problems with the lack of responsiveness of the pads, which is a common problem in low-end models, including the Arturia SparkLE 420101 Hardware Controller and Software Drum Machine.

Does Not Run on Batteries

For the musicians who are looking for a portable drum machine, this can be quite disappointing since it does not run on batteries. You will need an AC adapter. If you are looking for an alternative that can have batteries as the main source of power, the Akai Professional XR20 | Beat Production Station Drum Machine can prove to be an exceptional pick.

Who Is It For?

This is a drum machine that is created for beginners in music production who are looking for a reliable product that comes with an affordable price. It is created for people who are after simplicity while making sure that they can be creative in the music they are producing.


Alesis SR16 Classic 24-bit Stereo Electronic Drum Machine

In sum, the Alesis SR16 | Classic 24-bit Stereo Electronic Drum Machine is a decent companion for music creators. It is affordable, intuitive, and versatile.

With all of the features mentioned above, it is easy to be convinced that this drum machine ticks all the right boxes if you are a beginner. Click the button below and own one today!


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