Alesis Surge Mesh Kit – Eight-Piece Electronic Drum Kit Review

Do you want to play like a pro, but your wallet will only limit your choices to those that are affordable? Looking for an electric drum set that can help beginners? If yes, then the Alesis Surge Mesh Kit – Eight-Piece Electronic Drum Kit might just be one of the perfect choices for you. It is designed as an entry-level set, but this does not mean that the features and performance will be underwhelming.

To know more about the Alesis Surge Mesh Kit, read the rest of this review and we will help you to evaluate the good and the bad in this product.

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Features and Specifications Alesis Surge Mesh Kit - Eight-Piece Electronic Drum Kit

Despite the fact that this is an entry-level model, the mere fact that this is made by Alesis means that you can expect it to pack impressive features, including those that are listed below.

Dual Zone Pads

This is one feature that can be beneficial in terms of its responsiveness and versatility. The kit is inclusive of 10-inch snare and 8-inch tom, both of which are equipped with dual-zone pads. This technology will allow you to play two different sounds in one drum.

Mesh Drum Heads

For its price, it is impressive that it comes with mesh on the drum heads. The latter is good because it improves the natural response and feel of the drums. To add, it also allows it to perform quietly.

4-post Chrome Rack

Despite being an affordable product, the rack that comes with the unit can be exceptional. It is made of a solid material, which can provide a guarantee of its durability. Plus, the set up of the racks and the drums can also be effortless on your end, similar to what you can expect with the Yamaha DTX522K Customizable Electronic Drum Kit.

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The Good

This is more than just an electronic drum kit that is easy on the wallet. The Alesis Surge Mesh Kit can offer other benefits, including the following:

Expanded Sounds

At its price, it is surprising that it has expanded sounds and effects, making it easier to be creative in your music. The module that is included provides a decent selection of 40 classic kits. To add, there are 385 sounds that are available.

Great for Practice

This is a drum kit that is designed to make your practice sessions easier. This will make you not easily give up. Among others, you will love how there are 60 play-along tracks. There are also different modes that will make it exceptional when it comes to coaching novices.

Good Pad Material

Given the price range of this product, the pad material is pretty much exceptional. It is covered in mesh, which will help to make it more responsive. Although, we have to point out that the responsiveness is still not as accurate as the higher end counterparts.

The Bad

Sadly, there are also some limitations that can give you second thoughts in having it chosen over its higher-end counterparts.

Kick Pedal Has Sub-Par Quality

Like the Alesis DM6 USB Kit and Roland Entry-level Electronic V-Drum Set (TD-1K), which are both affordable and designed for beginners, the kick pedal included in this set has inferior quality. If you have a big foot, you might have a hard time resting your foot on the pedal because of its design flaw.

Can be Flat

With regards to the sound quality, it is unfair to compare it to the more expensive options because they cater to different markets. Nonetheless, in a general sense, the sound can end up being too flat.

Who Is It For?

The Alesis Surge Mesh Kit is for drummers who are looking for an entry-level product that does not cost a fortune. It is for people who are searching for a set that they can use for their practice sessions to harness their drumming skills.


Alesis Surge Mesh Kit - Eight-Piece Electronic Drum Kit

Without a doubt, the Alesis Surge Mesh Kit can offer excellent value for the money. It is economical yet it is packed with advanced features that can guarantee a performance that will be had to match.

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