DW 3000 Single Bass Drum Pedal Review

It is seldom that you will find a drum pedal that seems to tick all the right boxes, making every gig turn into an inferno. While the DW 3000 is not perfect, as you will see in the rest of this review, this is indeed one product that holds a lot of promise for the best drum pedal. This is cheaper than its cousin, the DW 9000, but the performance is sure to not disappoint.

Undecided whether you should buy the DW 3000 single bass drum pedal or look for other alternatives? Take the time to read the rest of this review and we will help you to come up with a well-informed decision.

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Features and SpecificationsDW 3000 Single Bass Drum Pedal

Below are some of the main features of the DW 3000, which will practically explain why it is one of the top-rated options on the market.

Steel Base Plate

This is perhaps one of the reasons why this product fares well when it comes to durability.  This makes the foundation sturdy while making it skid-proof. This way, it will be more stable regardless of how intense you will be playing.

101 2-way Beater

This is a reversible beater, which is a standard in the industry, so this is not something unique that you can find only in this model. The main materials used are high-impact plastic and felt, which will help improve the sound quality.

Dual-Chain Turbo Cam

There is a double chain that is directly attached to the pedal board. One of the main benefits of the latter is that the feel and the response will be more solid and powerful.

Adjustable Toe Clamp

This model comes with a dual adjustable toe clamp. This will provide an assurance that the pedal and the drum won’t be disconnected. There is a clip that is included to keep the connection between the two. This is the same feature that you can find on the DW 9000 Double Bass Drum Pedal.

All of these features are indicative of a performance that is hard to match. To redefine your bass drum playing experience, click the button below and get this pedal today!

The Good

If you want to have compelling reasons to get the DW 3000 single bass drum pedal, below are some of the benefits that can convince you.

Aesthetically-Pleasing Design

There are some products that can immediately create a positive impression when you first see them. From the design, you will already find it attractive. It is impossible to not take a second look. The best thing is that there is more than what meets the eye.

Durable Construction

Those who have used this single bass drum pedal in the past were also happy with its longevity. It makes use of innovative materials that will allow it to withstand the test of time despite its frequent use. This makes the price justifiable, knowing that it won’t easily ask for a replacement. The construction will remind you of the TAMA HP200PTW Iron Cobra 200 Double Bass Drum Pedal.


Another good thing about this product is the versatile design. This is beneficial because it can be used by all drummers across all genres. Meaning, regardless of the type of music that you play, the pedal will deliver an impressive performance.

The Bad

Despite all the good things, there are also some shortcomings of the DW 3000 single bass drum pedal, including those that are briefly mentioned below.

Can Be Quite Slow

If you are already an experienced drummer, speed will not be an issue, especially when you are on your groove. For those who are just starting out, however, one of the potential problems with this bass drum pedal is how it can be a bit slow. At first, you will notice that there is a slight lag, although this is nothing serious that will make you ditch the idea of choosing it over its competitors.

Chain-Driven Design

There are different types of drum pedals, such as  direct drive and belt drive. This model, however, belongs to the chain-driven pedals. Although it has its fair share of advantages, there are many users who try to stay away from it because it is prone to making unwanted noise. More so, this design is also quite demanding when it comes to care and maintenance.

Who Is It For

Looking at its features, it seems like this is a bass drum pedal that is designed for experienced drummers, but it does not matter what genre of music is being played since it is versatile. It is also quite expensive, so this is for those who do not have budget limitations.


DW 3000 Single Bass Drum Pedal

From its durability to its design, the DW 3000 can indeed prove to be one of the top-rated bass drum pedals available today.

What are you waiting for? Click the button below and purchase this bass drum pedal!

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