Ludwig Accent Series Complete Drum Set Review

Looking for a good cheap drum set? It won’t take long before you end up being confused because of the long list of the possibilities. Nonetheless, this should not be taken as an excuse to choose just any product. Among others, one option that should be on your list is Ludwig Accent Series Complete Drum Set. It is a beginner-friendly all-inclusive set that already comes with bass drum, floor tom, rack tom, snare drum, crash cymbal, hi-hat, and hardware that will be needed for its installation.

In the rest of this post, we will take a look at its features, as well as its pros and cons to help you decide if this can be an ideal choice or if you should keep on looking for other options.

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Features and SpecificationsLudwig Accent Series Complete Drum Set

Even if it comes with a price that is easy on the wallet, you can expect that it is packed with impressive features. Admittedly, however, these features cannot match those that you will find in the higher end market.

9-ply Poplar Shells

The construction of the drum shell is pretty much decent, although, we have seen better alternatives, especially the higher end models. If price is not an issue, poplar shells are the best, which you can find in Pearl Masters Maple Complete MCT924XEDP/C348 4 Piece Drum Set and Gretsch New Renown Maple 4-Piece Euro Drum Set.

Ludwig 200 Series Hardware

The affordable price is even made better by the fact that it is already inclusive of the hardware that you will need, which include stand, pedal, throne, kick spurs, brackets, and lugs, among others.

Red Foil Finish

From the exterior, you will love the red foil finish, which gives it a lot of character. Despite being on the low-end spectrum, the finish can last for years.

The Good

Below are some of the benefits of Ludwig Accent Series Complete Drum Set, which will give you good reasons to pick it over many of its competitors.


Without a doubt, the best thing about this drum kit is its price. This is a great choice for those who are on the lookout for budget-friendly alternatives. Even if it is cheap, it is made by a reputable brand, so you can be confident about its quality. If you are looking for other cheap models that can provide the best bang for the buck, you might want to consider Ludwig Drum Set LC178X0.

Comes as an All-Inclusive Package

We have seen some models within the same price range as this kit, but the problem is that those models are not yet complete. With this Ludwig kit, you will be happy to know that it has the drums, cymbals, and hardware that you will need to get started.

Excellent Kick Pedal

With the inclusions in this set, one thing that has impressed as the most is the kick pedal. It has a sturdy construction, providing an assurance that it will withstand years of use. It is also excellent in terms of the speed of its response.

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The Bad

However, it should be noted that this product is far from perfect. There are some drawbacks that are important to be noted.

Poor Quality Cymbal Stand

At its price, it is a good thing that it is already inclusive of the mounting hardware that you will need, including a cymbal stand. However, as it has been shared by some users, the quality of the stand is quite underwhelming. So, you might want to consider having it changed if you are looking for something better.

Drum Heads Can Be Better

As expected, the drum heads do not have the wow factor. This is one thing that is common in affordable drum kits. It isn’t the worst that we have seen but it could use some improvement. If you want better drum heads, Pearl EXX725S/C 5-Piece Export New Fusion Drum Set is worth looking at.

Who Is It For?

This is an ideal pick for those who are looking for an entry-level drum kit. It is a great choice for budget-conscious buyers. For those who are looking for a drum set that can be used for practice, this can also be a good choice.


Ludwig Accent Series Complete Drum Set

In sum, the Ludwig Accent Series Complete Drum Set is an affordable and beginner-friendly product that will be a great option for those who are just learning how to play the drums.

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