Ludwig LC179X016 Breakbeats 4 Piece Shell Pack Drum Set Review

The Ludwig LC179X016 Breakbeats 4 Piece Shell Pack Drum Set is a good beginner-friendly kit that is already inclusive of a wood snare drum, bass drum, tom, and floor tom. However, it is not yet inclusive of cymbals, but such is one thing that is pretty much understandable considering the price tag.

Wondering if this will be the best drum set for the money? Only you will be able to answer this question. Keep on reading the rest of this post to know about what you can expect from this model, including its features and performance.

Features and SpecificationsLudwig LC179X016 Breakbeats 4 Piece Shell Pack Drum Set

Despite being on the low-end market, this drum kit is made by one of the most trusted brands, so you can expect that it is packed with exclusive and innovative features. The latter will make it easy to stand out over all others.

7-Ply Hardwood Shell

Admittedly, the material that is used for the shell of the drum lacks high-end look and feel. Nonetheless, it has been praised by many because of the tonal versatility that it offers. Meanwhile, if maple shell is what you are looking for, Pearl Masters Maple Complete MCT924XEDP/C348 4 Piece Drum Set will be a great alternative. Although, we have to point out that the latter is expensive.

45-Degree Bearing Edge

This is nothing new as it is also utilized by many other drum kits on the market. The latter is beneficial in terms of its ability to deliver quick shell response.

Velvet Storage Bag

Whether you are keeping or transporting the drum kit, the storage bag will be handy for protecting it from external elements that could cause damage. To add, the bags can also be used for the reduction of volume.

The Good

If you are still not convinced that Ludwig LC179X016 Breakbeats 4 Piece Shell Pack Drum Set will make a great pick, below are some of the benefits that might make you change your mind.


If you are concerned about cost, this is a good model to include on your list. It is made by a trusted brand, so you can be confident that the quality will still be decent despite its price. Other equally cheap and impressive models from the same company that you might want to consider are Ludwig Drum Set LC178X0 and Ludwig Accent Series Complete Drum Set.

Lightweight and Portable

It is said that this is the lightest drum kit that is currently available on the market, which will make it great in terms of portability. this will make it a good choice if you need drums that you will often need to move around from one place of another.

Great Sound

At its price, we were actually surprised with the sound quality that it has demonstrated, especially for the tom and bass drum. When it is tuned properly, you can expect that it will deliver impressive sound.

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The Bad

Honestly, the Ludwig LC179X016 Breakbeats 4 Piece Shell Pack Drum Set is far from being perfect. It has some drawbacks, which can make you hesitant in having it chosen.

Does Not Include Cymbals

It is common for affordable kits to not include cymbals, such as with Pearl EXX725S/C 5-Piece Export New Fusion Drum Set. While it can be frustrating, the silver lining is that you can customize it with high-quality cymbals that pass your preference.

Drum Heads Can Be Better

This seems to be a recurring problem in the case of low-end drum kits. You can replace the drum heads if you prefer. Better yet, if money is not an object, consider high-end alternatives with premium drum heads, such as Tama CL72S Superstar Classic Maple Shell Pack Drum Set and Gretsch New Renown Maple 4-Piece Euro Drum Set.

Who Is It For?

This drum set is recommended for beginners looking for an entry-level alternative with a price that is easy on the wallet. Since it is compact and lightweight, it will also be ideal for gigs since you can bring it easily in different places.


Ludwig LC179X016 Breakbeats 4 Piece Shell Pack Drum Set

In sum, the Ludwig LC179X016 Breakbeats 4 Piece Shell Pack Drum Set is an affordable kit that is made with the needs of beginners in mind. Despite being economical, it produces impressive sound. To add, you will also love how compact and portable the kit is.

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