PDP By DW 5-Piece Concept Maple Shell Pack Drum Set Review

The PDP By DW 5-Piece Concept Maple Shell Pack Drum Set is a boutique-inspired kit with a price that won’t hurt the wallet. It is an ideal choice for beginners and intermediate users, although, for the pros, it can be quite underwhelming. The set is inclusive of a bass drum, snare drum, rack toms, and floor toms. It has innovative features and uses exceptional materials, making it one of the most notable options on the market.

Is this the right choice for good cheap drum sets? There is only one way to find out! Keep on reading the rest of this review and we’ll share some valuable insights.

Features and SpecificationsPDP By DW 5-Piece Concept Maple Shell Pack Drum Set

Simple but gorgeous – this is one of the best ways to describe this drum kit. Despite the simplicity, however, it is packed with an abundance of features that will make it deliver superior performance.

Suspension Tom Mounts

Also called STM, this is one of the innovative features that make this product way ahead of its league. This mounting system for the rack toms makes sure that it will be stable, unlike others that can end up being wobbly especially when you start to feel the heat of the set.

Maple Shell Pack

Its maple shell construction will allow it to deliver a plethora of benefits, such as improved sound quality and the lesser impact of vibration on the music that is produced. Nonetheless, the maple is not as high-end as those that you can find in more expensive models, such as the DW Design Series Drum Set 22/10/12/16/14 – Tobacco Burst.

True Pitch Tension Rod

This is one more thing that makes this drum set impressive when it comes to the quality of the hardware. It is developed specifically by the company to improve the precision and accuracy of tuning.

The Good

Want to be convinced to have it chosen over its competitors? Below, we will quickly take a look at some of its benefits.

Natural and Beautiful Finish

This is one of those drum kits that excel when it comes to aesthetics. One of the reasons for this is the glossy lacquer finish, which makes it command a second look. This is pretty much a standard finish type, which you can also see in other models, such as Gretsch Drums Catalina Maple CM1-E605-SDCB 5-Piece Drum Set.


There are also many people who expressed their praises with regards to how responsive it is, unlike others that could have a lag. This can be because of the choice of materials.

Durable Construction

It is a drum set that can withstand abuse and many years of use. Despite this, it won’t easily show signs of damage, even if you are an intense user. If you are looking for a higher-end alternative that is equally alternative, one of the products that should be on your radar is Pearl Masters Maple Complete MCT924XEDP/C348 4 Piece Drum Set.

Now is the time for you to experience these benefits first-hand. Click the button below and purchase this kit to understand why a lot of drummers were all-praises for this model.


The Bad

To have a fair evaluation of PDP By DW 5-Piece Concept Maple Shell Pack Drum Set, let us also look at some of the possible drawbacks.

Does Not Include Cymbals

Like the Pearl EXX725S/C 5-Piece Export New Fusion Drum Set, it is quite disappointing to know that the cymbals are not included as a part of the set. The only good thing about having to buy it separately is that you can customize the set based on the cymbals that you want, although, this will be an added cost on your end.

Assembly Can Be Tricky

Even if the manufacturer provides a manual with written instructions on how to put the pieces together, there are still many people who complained that it can be quite challenging and will probably take a while before you are ready to play with this drum kit.

Who Is It For?

This drum kit is a perfect choice for beginners and intermediate users who are looking for premium quality at a price that does not seem excessive. In terms of music genre, it can be suitable for almost every style.


PDP By DW 5-Piece Concept Maple Shell Pack Drum Set

In sum, the PDP By DW 5-Piece Concept Maple Shell Pack Drum Set is built by drummers for drummers. From its shell construction to the quality of the hardware, this is one of the products that deserve your attention.

What are you waiting for? Click the button below and have a first-hand experience of this drum kit!




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