Pyle-Pro Portable Drum Kit (PTED01) Review

Looking for the best electronic drum set for the money can be a challenging task because of the overwhelming options that are available on the market. While your main goal is to find one that is affordable, this does not mean that the quality and performance should be compromised. In this case, one of the top options that should be on your list is the Pyle-Pro Portable Drum Kit PTED01, which is made by one of the most trusted companies on the market.

Will this be an excellent product for you? Keep on reading the rest of this short review to know more about the things that you can expect in this electronic drum kit.

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Features and Specifications Pyle-Pro Portable Drum Kit (PTED01)

As it is made by a trusted company, you can expect that it is packed with exceptional features despite the fact that it belongs to the low-end market.

LED Control Display

This is not as advanced as the ones that you can find in the more expensive kits, but for most users, this will suffice. The small display makes it easy to monitor your music. It remains bright so you can easily see it at any time.

215 Percussion Voices

While this isn’t exactly as extensive as the voices that are available in more premium models. Given the fact that this is an affordable model, it should be more than enough. It provides you with more choices to be creative in your music.

Internal Speakers

While you can use an external speaker or plug your headphones if you would like to listen in private, the internal speakers have great sounds. This is another reason why it is portable since it eliminates the need to connect a speaker.

The Good

If you are still finding it hard to be convinced that this will make an excellent choice for an electronic drum kit, below are some of the reasons that will make it easy for you to decide.


One of the best things that you can expect in this product is its portability. This is one of those kits that will allow you to play anywhere. This reminds us of the Pyle Pro Electronic Drum Kit (PTED06), which is a bit bigger but equally portable.


The versatility of this product when it comes to its source of power also makes it impressive. While you have the option to connect it to an AC adapter, it can also be powered by batteries.

Easy to Use

This is exactly the reason why this can be a great choice for novices. You will be happy to know that it comes with a user-friendly interface. It does not take an expert to figure out how to make your own music with the use of this kit.

With all of these benefits, there is no doubt that the Pyle-Pro Portable Machine PTED01 is an impressive choice. Click the button below and get it now!

The Bad

However, there are also some issues that can give you a bit of hesitation in choosing this drum kit over its higher-end counterparts.

Drum Edges Respond Slowly

One of the main problems that you can encounter in this product is the lack of responsiveness of the drum edges. It may take quite a while before it responds after being hit. If you are looking for better responsiveness, you can opt for the more expensive models, such as the KAT KT3 Advanced High-Performance Digital Drum Set and Roland TD-11K Electronic Drum Set Bundle.

Limited Sound Effects

Because it is a low-end model, you should not expect a lot when it comes to the sound effects that are present. For a great alternative that comes with more drum and cymbals effects, you might want to look at the Yamaha DTX522K Customizable Electronic Drum Kit.

Who Is It For?

Given the simplicity and affordability of this product, this is for those who are looking for an entry-level drum kit that is effortless to use. There is no need to be a pro to figure out how to make the most out of it.


Pyle-Pro Portable Drum Kit (PTED01)

The Pyle-Pro Portable Drum Kit PTED01 may lack the bells and whistles that you can find in the high-end models, but if you are a beginner, this will be more than enough. It is a great way to practice your drumming skills without the need to spend a lot.

You don’t have to look far for an electronic drum kit that you can use for your practice sessions. Click the button below and experience this model from Pyle-Pro.



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