Roland Percussion Electronic Drum Pad (SPD-SX) Review

When it comes to drum machines, there is no doubt that Roland is one of the most recognizable names. Among others, one of their best offerings to date is the Roland Percussion Electronic Drum Pad (SPD-SX). The company markets this as “the ultimate percussive sampling instrument,” which should provide you with enough reason to pick it over many of its competitors.

So, will it make a great choice for those who are on the lookout for the best MPC? Only you can answer that question. To help you out, read the rest of this review to figure out if this will indeed be a good pick for a music production controller.

Features and SpecificationsRoland Percussion Electronic Drum Pad (SPD-SX)

To start with, let us have a quick look at some of the most notable features of this model and what they could mean for its users.

Nine Velocity Pads

One of the first things that you will notice in this product is the unique design, which comes with nine velocity pads on the top. It has six square pads while on the top are three smaller pads. However, if you want more pads, you might want to consider the Novation Circuit Groove Box w/Sample Import Drum Machine, which has 32 velocity-sensitive pads.

Backlit LCD

Somewhere in the middle of this drum pad, there is a small backlit LCD. The latter will provide an easy-to-read display in different environments. For some people, however, the size of the LCD can be quite small.

SPD-SX Wave Manager Software

To make it provide the best bang for the buck, it already comes bundled with a software that has been developed by the manufacturer. However, there are some users who feel that the software is a bit underwhelming.

The Good

For those who are still finding it hard to be convinced that the Roland Percussion Electronic Drum Pad (SPD-SX) is a great product, below are some of the benefits that are worth noting.

Highly-Responsive Pad

The pads of this model can be found on the top part, and they are large enough for easy tapping. Their sensitivity is great as they do not require too much application of pressure to respond to your command. The same thing can be expected from Native Instruments Maschine Mk3 Drum Controller, which is claimed by the manufacturer to be built for speed.

Huge Memory

With the 4GB memory that comes in this product, you will find it hard to run out of storage space, especially if you are only a casual user. This will be more than enough for storing almost 720,000 audios, which is roughly equivalent to 10,000 files. You can carry your entire music library with you.

Built-in Effects

With this model, you can also enjoy a variety of on-board effects, which will help in making you more creative in the music that you are creating. It will unlock a world of possibilities! It has master effects that will allow you to use it for DJing.

With the ultimate responsiveness, generous memory, and onboard effects, it is pretty clear that this drum machine is a stand-out. Click the button below and take advantage of its many benefits!

The Bad

Even the best drum machines have their share of drawbacks. In the case of this model, below are some of the issues that you might encounter.

Software Can Be Better

There are many reasons to love the hardware, but as it has been noted by many of its long-time users, one thing that you will hate is the software. This is the same thing that you can experience with the Roland TR-09 Boutique Rhythm Performer Drum Machine, which can also benefit from software improvements.


For a product at its price range, you will most probably think that it is built to last. However, through years of use, you will discover that the body can be quite fragile. The rubber pads, for instance, can be easily prone to wear and tear. Be sure to pay attention to its care and maintenance to make it last longer.

Who Is It For?

This is a drum pad that is built for well-rounded musicians who are looking for a versatile equipment. It has dedicated controls that will make it a great choice as well for those who are into DJing.


Roland Percussion Electronic Drum Pad (SPD-SX)

In sum, the Roland Percussion Electronic Drum Pad (SPD-SX) is for demanding users who are looking for a powerful sampling equipment. It is filled with innovative features that will make it easy to express your musical creativity. Although, we honestly feel that the bundled software can use some improvement.

With its advanced sampling technology, this is a revolutionary drum machine for users with discerning preferences. Click the button below and be amongst the ones to experience its plethora of benefits.

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