Roland Tabletop Synthesizer (TR-8S) Drum Machine Review

Using hardware to imitate the sound of a drum will be a lot easier with the use of the Roland Tabletop Synthesizer (TR-8S) Drum Machine. It has been given words of praises by its users, but will this be enough for you to believe that it is an impressive choice? Will this be a justifiable option for the best drum machine? Keep reading to learn more about this product.

Features and SpecificationsRoland Tabletop Synthesizer (TR-8S) Drum Machine

To provide you with an overview of what can be expected from the performance of this drum machine, below are some of its main features.

Eight Analog Outputs

This model is equipped with eight individual analog outputs. With the latter, it is possible to process the drum sounds on their own using external effects. You will also be able to send them in separate channels.

Audio and MIDI Interface

With the multi-channel audio and MIDI interface that is being offered by this little machine, there is no doubt that it is one of the most powerful from the product category, if not the most powerful. This will allow you to use a USB cable for transferring high-resolution audio. The process is quick and hassle-free.

128 Onboard Patterns

With a total of 128 onboard patterns, you can be confident that you will be able to enjoy variety with this drum machine. Every set will be different as you can mix and match depending on the sound quality that you want.

The Good

If you are still not convinced that the Roland Tabletop Synthesizer (TR-8S) Drum Machine is an excellent product, below are some of the benefits that will make you change your mind.


With the price of this model, a lot of people will instantly assume that it is complicated to use because it targets the pros. Truth is, it is user-friendly. The controls are strategically laid out, making them easy to access. In fact, right out of the box, you can quickly play with it, unlike others that seem to have a steep learning curve.

Diverse Effects

One more thing that makes this hard to match is the diversity of the effects that are available, making it possible to be experimental. It has every sound that you can imagine. It comes loaded with TR drum machines. You can even incorporate preset and custom samples. There are tons of programming features and patterns that are accessible.

Excellent Sound Quality

As you look for a top-rated drum machine, one thing that should never be ignored is the sound output. Luckily, with this model, the sound quality is not compromised in any way. It is impressive, which is one reason why a lot of people are willing to pay its hefty price.

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The Bad

Nonetheless, as no drum machine is perfect, below are some of the issues that you can encounter when using this model.


The biggest drawback of this model is perhaps its price, especially amongst beginners. This is going to be costly for most users, but the cost can be justified by the features that have been mentioned above. If you are looking for a more affordable alternative that does not compromise performance, one that you should check out is the Boss DR-880 Dr. Rhythm Drum Machine.

Flat Design

While there are some people who love the flat profile because it makes it sleek and space-efficient, there are some who did not like how it is less convenient to use when it is at the desk level. These people prefer one that is slightly angled for easier access to the controls. A good example of a product that comes with an angled form is Native Instruments Maschine Mk3 Drum Controller.

Who Is It For?

Given the price of this drum machine, one thing is clear – this is for those who have the budget to spare. To add, this is also a perfect choice for those who are looking for variety. It will make an excellent pick for the experienced users who are searching for a high-end option.


Roland Tabletop Synthesizer (TR-8S) Drum Machine

It is easy to fall in love with the Roland Tabletop Synthesizer (TR-8S) Drum Machine. Despite being expensive, it has a plethora of features that will be appreciated by people who are serious about music. Despite the exceptional functionality, the manufacturer was able to make it easy to use.

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