Roland TD-11K Electronic Drum Set Bundle Review

In the market for musical instruments, Roland is one of the names that is recognized globally. That said, there is no wonder why the   is often recommended when it comes to an electronic drum set. It is a compact kit that is packed with exceptional features. The price is not exactly cheap, but this will be worth it given the performance that you can expect from the product.

If you are not yet convinced that this will make an impressive choice, keep on reading the rest of this short review and learn from some of the insights we will be sharing.

Features and Specifications Roland TD-11K Electronic Drum Set Bundle

This mid-priced electronic drum kit boasts of features that are commonly found in its top-tier competitors. For its price, consider yourself lucky since you will be able to enjoy functions that are typically reserved to more premium models.

Super Natural Sound Technology

This is an innovative feature of this product that is basically the one responsible for enhancing the musical experience. It makes use of behavior modeling, which also makes it possible to deliver a more realistic experience to its users. Plus, this also allows the sound output to be more natural.

Mesh Head V-Pad

This is one feature that is incorporated into the snare pad that comes as a part of this kit. With the latter, the drum pad has a dual-zone technology. Hitting the head and the rim will yield different sounds.

Coaching Function

This is one of the many options wherein you can enjoy a convenient practice mode, making it easier to master the techniques on your way to be a pro. You can play along with the built-in songs and you will also be graded, which is a great way to assess your performance.

The Good

Need more reasons to be convinced to choose the Roland TD-11K Electronic Drum Set Bundle over its competitors? Below are some of the benefits that might make it easier for you to decide.


One of the best things about this product is that it comes with a space-efficient design. Even if you have a small studio, this will be a good choice. On the other hand, if you are looking for one that is smaller and more portable, the Jacksoo Portable Roll Up Drum, Electronic Digital Drum Pad Kit can be a great choice.

Has a Stable Set-up

Ever played with an electronic drum kit that seems to be too wobbly especially when you are in the middle of an intense set? Fortunately, this is not one of those. Many of the users agree that it can remain stable even if you are hitting the pads really hard.

Great Connectivity

With the use of this music equipment, you also do not have to worry about the connectivity options. There are two USB ports that are available. You can quickly connect it to your computer or DAW.

There is more to this electronic drum kit than the benefits that have been listed above. Click the button below to discover what we are talking about!

The Bad

Despite the good things, it is inevitable that there are also some issues with this product, including those that are briefly mentioned below.

Can Be Quite Expensive

It is marketed as an entry-level kit. However, the latter only holds true for its features. As for the price, it can still be heavy on the pocket of most buyers. If you are looking for cheaper alternatives, the Alesis CompactKit 4 Electronic Drum Kit and Pyle Pro Electronic Drum Kit (PTED06) will be worth looking at.

Sound Range Can be Better

The limited sound range can also be a disadvantage for many people. Considering its price, a lot of buyers expected more from this model. It only has 190 instruments, which can be a significant shortcoming.

Who Is It For?

This is for novices who have a bit of a budget to spare. As a product that is marketed as an entry-level model, some might be quite disappointed with the price. If you want one that is easier on the pocket but equally good for starters, Ion Audio Redline Drums Illuminated Electronic Drum Kit can be a promising choice.


Roland TD-11K Electronic Drum Set Bundle


Made by a brand that you can definitely trust, the Roland TD-11K Electronic Drum Set Bundle is one product that is hard to match. It is compact but packed with features that will make you become more expressive in your music.

Take your drumming to the next level with this electronic kit. Click the button below and be amongst its many happy users!


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