Tama CL72S Superstar Classic Maple Shell Pack Drum Set Review

For almost four decades, the Superstar has gained a reputation as one of the legendary models available in the market, making it a staple in the list of the best drum kits. From its build quality to its exceptional design, it has captivated the hearts of many musicians, even the pros. The company introduced a modern iteration to their classic model in the form of the Tama CL72S Superstar Classic Maple Shell Pack Drum Set. It has the same high-level performance that you can expect in the original.

Will this make a great choice for a high-quality drum set? We suggest that you keep on reading the rest of this short review to find out.

Features and Specifications Tama CL72S Superstar Classic Maple Shell Pack Drum Set

The brand name in itself can already provide you with good reasons to believe that this kit sports innovative features that will make it stand out in a saturated market.

100% Maple Shells

The company made sure that the price will be worth it. This is made possible by the 100% maple construction of the shell. The shells have 6 to 8-ply construction, depending on which drum we are talking about. While it is also made of maple, personally, the Pearl Masters Maple Complete MCT924XEDP/C348 4 Piece Drum Set seems to be better.

Star-Mount Suspension System

This has been exclusively developed by the manufacturer, which shows how serious they are about the development of top-notch hardware. The suspension system even comes with a rotating bracket, which is great in terms of flexibility.

Low-Mass Lugs

It is one of the significant improvements from the past versions of this drum set. The surface area occupied by the lugs is significantly reduced. This makes it easier to achieve shell resonance, which will be instrumental in improving the overall sound quality.

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The Good

If you are still finding it hard to be convinced that the Tama CL72S Superstar Classic Maple Shell Pack Drum Set is an impressive product, here are some of its notable benefits.

High-Quality Construction

Overall, it is safe to say that this drum set offers high-quality build. The construction is impressive, so you can expect that this is going to withstand the test of time. You can expect that it will remain stable while you play.

Produces Warm and Natural Sounds

Because of the way that it is constructed, you will also love the overall sound quality, which is excellent for its price range. Regardless of the genre of your music, we can assure you that this drum set will not disappoint.

Excellent Sensitivity

One of the reasons for this is the maple construction of the shells. This will make the drums great when it comes to their responsiveness. The punch will be sweeter and fuller. You will not experience a delay in its response.

The Bad

Like other drum kits, it is not a perfect product. There are also some issues that are worth considering before you buy the Tama CL72S Superstar Classic Maple Shell Pack Drum Set.

Bass Drums Can be Better

The overall quality is impressive, but for the bass drums, there is a lot of potential for improvement. It is not as thunderous as the other drums. With patience and practice, you will get used to it. Some fine-tuning can also help with their improvement.

Not for Advanced Drummers

If you are an experienced drummer looking for a premium kit, this can be quite underwhelming. With this, you might want to prefer more expensive models, such as the DW Design Series Drum Set 22/10/12/16/14 – Tobacco Burst and Gretsch New Renown Maple 4-Piece Euro Drum Set.

Who Is It For?

This is for intermediate users who are looking for a mid-priced product that can deliver exceptional sound quality. If you are a novice looking for a more affordable alternative, however, we suggest that you take a look at Ludwig Drum Set LC178X0.


Tama CL72S Superstar Classic Maple Shell Pack Drum Set

In sum, the Tama CL72S Superstar Classic Maple Shell Pack Drum Set delivers high-quality construction and impressive sound quality. Although, there are improvements that can be made on the bass drum. Nonetheless, taken as a whole, this is one product that can deliver a high level of satisfaction.

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