Tama IP52KCHLB Imperialstar 5-Piece Complete Drum Kit Review

Ready to rock – that is what you can expect with the Tama IP52KCHLB Imperialstar 5-Piece Complete Drum Kit. Even if it is an entry-level model, it is sure to leave a positive impression amongst its users. That said, if you are looking for the best jazz drum set, be sure to have it on your radar. Although, as shared by its users, it is great for other genres, including blues, hip-hop, and even heavy metal.

Will this be a good drum kit of choice for you? There is only one way to find out! Read the rest of this review and learn from some of the insights we will be sharing.

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Features and SpecificationsTama IP52KCHLB Imperialstar 5-Piece Complete Drum Kit

Even if it is not a premium model, you will surely be glad to know that it is packed with a plethora of amazing features, which will make it provide the best bang for the buck.

8-ply Poplar Shells

In terms of its overall construction, it is equipped with 8-ply wood shells with a thickness of 7.5mm. This is the one that is responsible for generating warm tone. However, if you want a higher-end option, look for those that are made of 100% maple, such as DW Design Series Drum Set 22/10/12/16/14 – Tobacco Burst.

Precision Bearing Edges

This is one of the many features responsible for demonstrating enhanced performance. It will make it possible for the shells to ring fully and openly. To add, it also improves the tuning range, which will have an impact on its responsiveness.

Accu-Tune Bass Drum Hoops

The hoops are designed with the use of tension bolts. This is a modern alternative to t-rods and claw hooks. With the latter, you will be able to pack it up easily. To add, it will also be a snap to change the drum heads.

The Good

Finding it hard to be convinced that the Tama IP52KCHLB Imperialstar 5-Piece Complete Drum Kit is a great product? Below are some of the things that might change your mind.


Comes as a Complete Kit

One of the things that you will love in this drum set is the fact that it is inclusive of everything that you will need. Aside from the drums and cymbals, the manufacturer also provides the hardware that you will need to complete the assembly.

Great Sensitivity

With the sensitivity that you can expect in this drum kit, it will be ultra-responsive. This is unlike in the case of the cheap models that can have quite a lag or buffer when generating sound. One of the reasons for the sensitivity of this set is precision-crafted bearing edge.

High-Quality Cymbals

It comes with high-hat, ride, and crash cymbals. It is worth noting that they are all top-notch in terms of quality. This isn’t one of those affordable drum kits that will require you to replace the stock cymbals.

You do not need to spend a fortune to enjoy a great drum set. Click the button below and see why this affordable kit is well-loved by many.


The Bad

To have a fair evaluation of this drum set, it is important that we also take a look at some of its drawbacks.

Snare Drum Quality Can Be Better

Even if it is affordable, it is not as cheap as Gammon Percussion Full Size Complete Adult 5 Piece Drum Set and Ludwig Drum Set LC178X0. So, you might end up being disappointed with the performance of the snare drum. Yes, it is decent, but we wish that it is better.

Not for the Pros

Safe to say, this is for beginners or intermediate users. If you are an experienced drummer, you will be underwhelmed with its features and performance. We suggest that you look at the alternatives from the high-end market, such as Gretsch New Renown Maple 4-Piece Euro Drum Set.

Who Is It For?

If you are a novice or an intermediate drummer, this can prove to be an excellent option for you. It is a great drum kits for those who are looking for a user-friendly product with a practical price.


Tama IP52KCHLB Imperialstar 5-Piece Complete Drum Kit

While it is not necessarily cheap, the Tama IP52KCHLB Imperialstar 5-Piece Complete Drum Kit comes with a price that won’t hurt the wallet. It will make a great practice drum set. Even for intermediate users, it also holds a lot of promise.

Now is the time to take your drumming skills to the next level. Click the button below and purchase this product today!




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