Yamaha DFP-9500D Double Bass Drum Pedal Review

For most people, the brand name in itself can already provide them with enough reason to have it chosen for the best bass drum pedal that is available on the market today. But, is it indeed enough that it is made by Yamaha? What features make it an exceptional pick? Are there any drawbacks? Keep on reading the rest of this short review and we’ll let you know what you can expect from this model.

In a nutshell, the Yamaha DFP-9500D Double Bass Drum Pedal has a professional construction that makes it hard to match when it comes to versatility and reliability. It is an industry leader, which also explains why the price is not that budget-friendly. Despite being quite expensive, a lot of the double bass pedal reviews online are recommending this as one of the best products on the market.

Features and SpecificationsYamaha DFP-9500D Double Bass Drum Pedal

Let us have a quick look at some of the features that you can expect in this product, which directly impact its overall performance.

Adjustable Spring Tension

This is one thing that can improve the versatility of the product. This means that you will be able to have it customized depending on what you deem more suitable for your tempo and speed.

Stabilizer Bars

The stabilizers are built-in into the frame. This will be effective in the elimination of flex. This way, the bearings will also maintain their alignment, which will allow you to play smoothly and without the need to exert too much force.

5 -Year Warranty

This is one thing that can provide you with peace of mind. A lot of the cheaper options on the market come with the standard one-year warranty only. The manufacturer is confident of offering a longer warranty coverage because of their belief in the quality of this bass drum pedal.

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The Good

Still not convinced that this will be an impressive pick? Below are some of the benefits that can instantly change your mind.

Direct Drive Action

From the first time that it is used, it will be easy to notice the smooth action of the pedal, which can be attributed to the fact that it has a direct drive design. The smooth pedaling action will remind you of the impressive performance of TAMA HP200PTW Iron Cobra 200 Double Bass Drum Pedal. On the other hand, if a chain-drive design is what you prefer, one of the best alternatives is the DW 3000 Single Bass Drum Pedal.

Comes with a Carrying Case

This might seem like a small thing for some, but it is actually one of the best reasons to buy this product. It comes with a convenient carrying case that makes it excellent in terms of portability. The case also protects it from dust and dirt, among other external elements that could speed up wear when the pedal is stored.

Adjustable Beaters

The beater has interchangeable weight. With the customization that can be made in the beater, you can improve the responsiveness and speed based on what you personally prefer.

The Bad

However, there are also some minor issues with Yamaha DFP-9500D Double Bass Drum Pedal although they are nothing too serious that will make you not consider having it on your radar.


The price can be quite too much for those who are just starting out. Nonetheless, if you take a look at the features, you will see that the price can be easily justified. If you are looking for a product that is cheaper but without compromising the quality, be sure to include DW 3000 Single Bass Drum Pedal on your list.

Cam Cannot be Changed

If you are after versatility, one of the potential issues in this product is how the cam cannot be changed, so you cannot have it customized as desired.

Who Is It For

With the price of this product, this is definitely for the more experienced users who have the budget to spare. It is also for those who like to have the option to customize their pedals as there are multiple adjustments that can be made except for the cam.


Yamaha DFP-9500D Double Bass Drum Pedal

Despite being quite expensive, the Yamaha DFP-9500D Double Bass Drum Pedal is another exceptional option that should not be missed. It allows certain adjustments, such as for the spring tension and the beater angle. It has a direct drive system and a smooth pedaling action.

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